What Features Are Being Promoted in Your Area?

Clients often ask us what features they should upgrade when preparing to list their home. Using our amazing data analytics tool we are able to educate them on what features are being promoted in their area. Below is an example of features being promoted in the 78230 zip code.* Tile floors are promoted the most in listings in this area (83%). ¬†Tankless water heaters are promoted the least (<1%). Whether you’re interested in making cost effective improvemnts to your home, or buying a home, we believe you need the right information to ensure that you make a successful decision as a homebuyer or seller. Want to know what features are promoted in your area and are in the most demand? Give us a call!



*Sold homes listed in MLS in zip code 78230 from 2012 to 2016. Although numbers are believed to be accurate at time of publication, please note that some transactions or data entry errors can skew results. Data, therefore, cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, in some instances outliers were removed. Data source: San Antonio Board of Realtors © Copyright 2017 Energized Real Estate, LLC