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Are Stainless Steel Appliances Still Popular?

Stainless steel appliances are still popular in San Antonio. In the last 12 months they were listed as a feature in 44.3% of the sold homes. Houses sold in 78257 promoted the feature the most at 62.2%. Zip code 78163 had the second highest at 58.5% of sold homes. See the chart of the top 30 zip codes in Bexar, Kendall and Comal Counties promoting “stainless steel” below. Give us a call if you’d like to see if it is being promoted in your neighborhood and price range.

What Features Are Being Promoted in Your Area?

Clients often ask us what features they should upgrade when preparing to list their home. Using our amazing data analytics tool we are able to educate them on what features are being promoted in their area. Below is an example of features being promoted in the 78230 zip code.* Tile floors are promoted the most in listings in this area (83%).  Tankless water heaters are promoted the least (<1%). Whether you’re interested in making cost effective improvemnts to your home, or buying a home, we believe you need the right information to ensure that you make a successful decision as a homebuyer or seller. Want to know what features are promoted in your area and are in the most demand? Give us a call!



*Sold homes listed in MLS in zip code 78230 from 2012 to 2016. Although numbers are believed to be accurate at time of publication, please note that some transactions or data entry errors can skew results. Data, therefore, cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, in some instances outliers were removed. Data source: San Antonio Board of Realtors © Copyright 2017 Energized Real Estate, LLC

Fair Oaks Ranch Avg. Percent Negotiated Off List Price in 2017

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Average Price Drop Analysis in 78230

In this video Alisa discusses the average price drop in 78230 and what this means to homebuyers and sellers in this area.

Where Homes Sell the Fastest in San Antonio

Researching all home sales in the San Antonio MLS,  we found  that homes in 78238 sold the fastest over the last 12 months, with an average of 41 days on market. The average for all of San Antonio was 83 days. The slowest selling zip code was 78257. Want to learn about the trends occurring in your neighborhood? Give us a call.

Surprising Stats About Dreamland Oaks You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else- July 2017

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Surprising Facts About Hollywood Park You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else- July 2017

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Real Estate Update on Fair Oaks Through May 2017

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Using the Word Fantastic in 78215

In this video Becky emphasizes what “fluff” word not to use when listing your home in the Fair Oaks area.

Home Improvements that Don’t Break the Bank

One thing Energized Real Estate stresses to our home-selling clients is that their home needs to be market ready when it is listed. To do this we stress they don’t have to put thousands of dollars into home improvements. A few little changes made to a home’s appearance can make all the difference in the world to a homebuyer. For example:

#1 Paint your red wall. Many potential homebuyers have a hard time seeing past bold wall colors. Painting rooms with neutral wall color sets the homebuyers at ease.

#2 Caulk your bathtub. For under $30 you can make your bathroom look clean and well maintained by simply replacing the old caulking.

#3 Hire professional carpet cleaners. Hiring professional carpet cleaners can cost $200-$500, but the end result is well worth it. Not only will cleaning your carpets renew their appearance, it helps to make your home look fresh and well taken care of, as well.

#4 Let there be light! Make sure all of the light bulbs in each fixture are working correctly and are the same wattage. This helps to give balance to the room. This is also crucial for the online photos.

#5 Work on decluttering rooms. Straightening the closets, removing excessive items from kitchen countertops and minimizing items in your bookcases, helps to make a home look well maintained.

Our point is that with just a little time and a few dollars you can make your home market ready without “breaking the bank.” For other ideas on how to get your home market ready go to