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Home Improvements that Don’t Break the Bank

One thing Energized Real Estate stresses to our home-selling clients is that their home needs to be market ready when it is listed. To do this we stress they don’t have to put thousands of dollars into home improvements. A few little changes made to a home’s appearance can make all the difference in the world to a homebuyer. For example:

#1 Paint your red wall. Many potential homebuyers have a hard time seeing past bold wall colors. Painting rooms with neutral wall color sets the homebuyers at ease.

#2 Caulk your bathtub. For under $30 you can make your bathroom look clean and well maintained by simply replacing the old caulking.

#3 Hire professional carpet cleaners. Hiring professional carpet cleaners can cost $200-$500, but the end result is well worth it. Not only will cleaning your carpets renew their appearance, it helps to make your home look fresh and well taken care of, as well.

#4 Let there be light! Make sure all of the light bulbs in each fixture are working correctly and are the same wattage. This helps to give balance to the room. This is also crucial for the online photos.

#5 Work on decluttering rooms. Straightening the closets, removing excessive items from kitchen countertops and minimizing items in your bookcases, helps to make a home look well maintained.

Our point is that with just a little time and a few dollars you can make your home market ready without “breaking the bank.” For other ideas on how to get your home market ready go to

Don’t Use “Great” When Selling Your Home

In this video Dan explains the importance of using the right words when listing your home in MLS, and why the word “great” may not be the right choice when describing your home or neighborhood.

Importance of Pricing a For Sale Home Right in Boerne & San Antonio

Pricing a for sale home right the first time is crucial.

Use Your Words Wisely

In this home selling video Will Oliver discusses the effect of the word “great” when 78209 / Alamo Heights / Terrell Hills home sellers used it to describe their house for a sale in 2016.

If you are thinking of selling your home, don’t use this and many other fluff words. It may not mean you will get less for sure, but there is enough evidence to demonstrate that it’s not worth using.

Introducing Clairity23 Real Estate Group in San Antonio

Energized Real Estate in San Antonio is now Clarity23 Real Estate Group. In this video the founder, Dan Eason, discusses why the name change and what makes this real estate team different. If you are ready to buy, sell or improve your home then you should give Clarity23 a call and learn what makes how they can give you a competitive advantage.

Why the Name Clarity23 Real Estate Group

We recently made a name change in order to better describe what it is we do in real estate – provide clarity to home buyers and sellers. To do this, we capitalize on data and technology in order to provide our homebuyer and seller clients better knowledge, confidence and success. We hope you’ll learn more about how Clarity23 and its real estate agents provide a competitive advantage to its clients and give us a call.

Welcome to Clarity23 Real Estate Group

Clarity23 Real Estate Group, formerly Energized Real Estate, is a full-service real estate brokerage with a focus on helping the home buyer and/or seller increase their likelihood of success by capitalizing on the right data analytics and technology and a team of real estate professionals that understand both the emotional and analytical side of real estate. Want to see how it makes a difference? Give us a call. 210.892.3200

San Antonio Real Estate Update Feb 2017

Becky Surber takes a look back at the 2016 San Antonio real estate market.

Bullish On Hollywood Park Real Estate

As real estate data analysts and a licensed broker, we do a lot of analysis on neighborhoods throughout Texas and the San Antonio area. We consider Hollywood Park a great place to invest in a home because we believe its popularity and home prices are only going to increase. More specifically, here are just seven reasons we are bullish on the area:

1. Steady Increase in Prices – From 2007 to 2016 the price per square foot has steadily increased about 2.3% per year, with an overall increase of 21.6% during this time. (Please note these numbers consider 3 years of a downturn in the economy from 2007 to 2009.)

2. High Demand – From September 1, 2015 – August 31, 2016 homes were on the market an average of 70 days and the price per square foot increased about 6.7%.* Additionally, there are currently only 12 homes available for sale (As of September 22, 2016). The average days on market for these homes, by the way, is 133, with 8 (67%) of them above the 70 days on market average. This is a good indication that the many of the current sellers are overpricing their home in an attempt to capitalize on the increase in demand.

3. Home Improvements – In the last two years 34.9% of the homes that were marketed were described as “remodeled” or “updated.”** During the previous two-year period only 23.5% of the homes were marketed the same way. And, since “remodeled”/“updated” homes averaged $11 more per foot, more and more buyers are going to feel comfortable buying a home in the area knowing they can get their money back on their personal updates.

4. High Cost of Alamo Heights – The median price of a sold home in Alamo Heights during the same 12-month period* was $495,000, compared to Hollywood Park at $320,000. If you want the charm of an older home with a great community feel on a lot almost twice the size, then Hollywood Park seems like a natural place to locate.

5. Traffic Delays North of 1604 – If you have traveled north of 1604 on I10 and Highway 281 you know how much the traffic is increasing every year. And, it is only going to get worse once 281 undergoes a $193 million, 4-mile construction project in 2017. As commuters sit in their cars on the highway in front of Hollywood Park recognizing they still have another 30+ minutes to get home, the tendency to want to move just inside the loop is only going to get stronger.

6. Country Feel in the City – Living in Hollywood Park really is like being in the country. With half acre+ lots, an abundance of mature trees, residents that know one another, and deer roaming freely, there are very few urban areas in the U.S. with similar characteristics and are located in the heart of the city like Hollywood Park.

7. Community Improvements – The Hollywood Park Economic Development Corporation and city officials have been very active over the last few years. They have been able to recruit new businesses, update the town’s branding, website and signage, and secure funding for a new $5.8 million pool/community center that will open in spring of 2017 that will rival any new subdivision north of San Antonio.

If you are considering buying a home in the near future, you really should give Hollywood Park a look. From a quality of life and long-term investment standpoint, we think you’ll be very pleased.


*Sold homes from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016

** Sold homes from September 1, 2014 through August 31, 2016

– Data source: San Antonio Board of Realtors MLS